Retail Shops

We started with a retail section in the Benoni shop to show customers the quality and variety of coats available and also how they can display and market their coats bought in a bale to their own customers. The demand for individual coats grew so we decided to expand our offering to allow more customers the opportunity to own an affordable good quality coat.

We have since opened three retail only shops called Coat Corner known as the world’s biggest coat shop as we now have over 75 000 coats on display for customers to choose from.

All the coats and jackets are imported from Europe and are made of the highest quality materials. Using fabrics such as cashmere, pure wool, llama wool and virgin wool to name a few, the proof is really in the feeling of these coats.

And what’s more, the price of the coats and jackets are fantastically affordable. Our friendly, highly-experienced sales assistants will help you to find your exact fit and style.

Men’s, ladies and children’s coats as well as military style overcoats.