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How to build a network of repeat customers in overcoats business

How To Build Up A Network Of Repeat Customers And How To Ensure They Keep Coming Back

With the new year just started, you have no doubt set new goals and resolutions for yourself. If one of your goals is to start or to continue to build a successful Coat and Jacket sales business, this article can help you to achieve this.

Here at The Overcoat Importer, we offer our customers the opportunity to start their very own businesses by selling bales of high-quality jackets, coats, and clothing that we have imported from Europe. Buy-A-Bale. Make your own cash.

Buying your first bale of coats or jackets is your only investment and this will only set you back around R2,000 (depending on which size bale you decide on). However, you will soon make back the money, plus more if you consider the profit you can potentially make.

So, if you have a coat business through The Overcoat Importer, how can you build a network of repeat customers and how can you make sure that they keep coming back? Let’s take a look!

Reach out to as many people as you can.

It doesn’t matter if you don’t have many friends or family because it is always possible to build a strong network of potential customers. This can be done by reaching out to as many people as possible and telling them about your business.

If you continuously chat with people about your business, word will soon spread that you are selling premium quality jackets and coats at great prices and people will slowly start seeking you out.

A great way to advertise your business is to post details of what you do on local social media groups, WhatsApp groups, and by sending SMS’s to selected people in your phone’s contacts. Don’t be shy to chat with people about your business on public transport, in your local neighborhood, and at work.

Remember that a successful bale business can take a little time to get off the ground and the hard work you put in at the start will pay off later!

Nurture the relationships you have with your customers.

Having a successful bale business means nurturing and valuing the relationships you have with your customers. This involves treating them well and reminding them about your business from time to time.

You might want to make a batch of simple black and white pamphlets to advertise specials or to send out SMS’s or Whatsapp about sales you are running or the new stock you have in. This shows your customers that you are thinking of them and want them to grab a bargain.

Provide excellent customer service at all times.

No one enjoys bad customer service and if you are not treated well, you will be unlikely to return to that business. Try and be friendly, professional, and attentive to your customers at all times.

If they ask you a question or have a query, get back to them as soon as possible and go out of your way to show them that you are there to serve them. Customers who feel that you value them will be much more likely to be loyal to you and to return any time they need another coat or jacket.

Listen to the needs of your customers.

Very often, your customers are great indicators of the direction in which your business should go. For example, if your customers are constantly asking you about raincoats, this could be a sign that you need to stock a wider range of raincoats.

Also, many customers do not have a lot of time on their hands for shopping so you may need to go to them, instead of expecting them to come to you. A great idea is to allocate one day per week to travel to various neighborhoods and visit your customers there and show them what you have on offer.

Word of mouth.

Word of mouth is the best and most cost-effective form of promotion and advertising for your business. Make sure you have happy customers and they will talk about you, your products, and the experience they have had with you.

valentines day jackets and coats

Look Your Best This Valentine’s Day By Wearing A Stylish Coat Or Jacket!

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, have you given much thought to what you will be wearing to impress that special someone?

If you are struggling with inspiration, Coat Corner is here to make things easier for you. We stock a wide range of stylish and smart coats and jackets for both men and women that is sure to impress your partner this Valentine’s Day. Visit us to find lightweight summer jackets, trench coats, denim or tweed jackets.

Whether you need a lightweight jacket to transform your outfit into something amazing, or you are desperate for a little black or red number, the Coat Corner has got you covered! Our prices are very reasonable and we have something for all tastes and budgets.

Valentine’s Day calls for a romantic and special outfit.

Whatever you plan on doing this coming Valentine’s Day, you need a special outfit. Even if you don’t have a special person to share the day with, it is always fun to get into the festivities and celebrate with friends and work colleagues.

If you are planning a romantic date with your significant other, your outfit should be something special and your aim should be to impress. Don’t be afraid of going the extra mile when selecting your outfit as it will pay off in the end.

For ladies, a little red or black dress is a wonderful idea – and the more romantic and whimsical the dress, the better! This can be accessorized with dainty jewellery, a pretty silk scarf, some killer heels, and a cool summer jacket or coat to throw over your shoulders.

Men have fewer choices than women when it comes to Valentine’s Day outfits but a pair of smart trousers, good quality shoes, and a new shirt, and a great looking jacket or coat can work wonders.

Designer jeans are great for Valentine’s Day, especially when you team them with a collared shirt and throw over a stylish jacket to complete your look.A trench coat with your favorite designer jeans can help you to create a fun and exciting street look, while a classic leather jacket never goes out of style.

This year, men’s tweed is particularly popular, especially when it comes to jackets. Take a look at our range of modern tweed and bag a bargain!

Remember your Valentine’s Day color scheme.

As you already know, the official colors of Valentine’s Day are red, pink, and white. These colors are easy for the ladies to incorporate into their Valentine’s outfits but men sometimes struggle.

If this sounds like you, consider wearing a red (or even pink) tie to work. If you don’t feel bold enough to wear a red or a pink shirt, you could always accessorise with a silk handkerchief tucked into your pocket.

Get creative with your favorite kind of denim or tweed.

If you are looking for a great Valentine’s Day outfit that you can wear at all times of the year, consider buying a trench coat or a tweed jacket. These can be paired with almost anything you feel like wearing, such as a pink or red top or a collared shirt. And don’t forget the hat.

Complete your Valentine’s Day outfit with a trendy jacket.

Although Valentine’s Day falls in the middle of summer, the evenings can still be quite cool and breezy. Flimsy summer dresses and short-sleeved shirts are perfect for a Valentine’s Day date, but you may want to bring a trendy jacket with you when the temperatures drop.

At Coat Corner we have a beautiful range of lightweight summer jackets for both men and women. Why not consider a fitted, lightweight jacket to match your Valentine’s Day dress, or think about a trench, tweed, or leather jacket to wear with your jeans or trousers.

bale of jackets on sale

Time To Prepare For The New Coat Season And Get The Best Deals Now At The Overcoat Importer! Buy-A-Bale And Make Your Own Cash!

Now that the new year has begun, it is time to make new resolutions and new goals for yourself. If starting your own business, becoming more self-sufficient, or earning more cash is one of your goals, why not start your own coat business with The Overcoat Importer?

Buy-A-Bale. Make your own cash.

How does it work?

Starting your own bale business with us is almost too easy! All you need to do is visit us in one of our stores and choose your first bale. Alternatively, if you live in a rural area and can’t get to us, you can order one through our Overcoats sales specialist and we will arrange for it to be delivered to you.

Our bales consist of gently worn high-quality jackets, and coats that have been imported directly from Europe, meaning you won’t find these items in the normal South African stores, and definitely not at the prices you can get from The Overcoat Importer.

Once you have your first bale, you can start selling the contents and your new business venture has just begun! Most of our coat business owners sell to people they already know, such as neighbors in their local community, friends, family, and people they know at work.

Since everyone needs a coat and warm jackets in the winter, you should never have a shortage of customers, even when the economy is bad. Shop for all-weather jackets, denim jackets, trench coats, raincoats, and lightweight summer jackets are available through the summer.

You can sell your bale contents at any price you feel is reasonable but make sure that your prices include enough profit for yourself but are still low enough to be attractive to your customers.

The Overcoat Importer has a new bale price list and excellent deals for 2021!

The latest bale price list for 2021 is available with hot deals to get you started. Speak to an Overcoats sales specialist who will advise you of stock availability and the best deals.

Keep an eye on our website and social media for the latest news and be first in line to take advantage of the best bale prices. Make sure you are on our database to get the latest information directly to your phone or email.

Planning for the winter season starts now.

Here at The Overcoat Importer, we have new stock coming soon from Europe in the last styles and trends.

Having your own coat business is a wonderful way to earn your own money, make your own rules, and not answer to a boss. Our bales are quite popular and sell out quickly so make sure that you are first in line to choose the best bale for you and your customers.

In the next month or so, people will start thinking about their winter wardrobes so it is important that you remain one step ahead and have the stock that they need. Our coat and jacket bales consist of men’s, ladies’, and children’s jackets in many different colors, styles, and degrees of warmth. These jackets are ideal for the cold winter months when many people need to walk to transport early in the mornings or in the evenings.

There are also raincoats in these bales, and these are perfect for the summer months when most of South Africa experiences unpredictable summer rainfall. Not only do these raincoats function better than umbrellas in rainstorms, but they are lightweight enough to be worn in the evenings and mornings when there is a slight chill in the air.

Having your own coat business is a fun way to earn money but it is important to plan ahead and ensure you have plenty of great stock. We recommend ordering your bales for the new season now so that you have enough time to price the individual items and get the word out about your new business and stock.

Have additional questions about starting your own coat business?

Get in touch with a sales specialist or visit us in-store and we would be happy to help you!

Jackets and coats for interview

What Is The Best Coat Or Jacket To Wear To An Interview

Now that we have rolled into the new year, there are many of you who will probably be looking for work. If so you might be attending an interview soon?

Did you know that your potential employer will make a first impression of you within the first few seconds? With this in mind, it is very important to look your best and put your best foot forward when dressing for your interview.

So when it comes to dressing for an interview we wanted to look at what your options are for wearing a coat or jacket to an interview.

Ladies’ jackets for interviews.

Although the weather may be warm, it is still sometimes important to wear a jacket to an interview to create a great first impression.

A lightweight, collared jacket or blazer in a neutral colour is perfect for summertime interviews. Avoid bright and neon colours as these shades are not best suited to wear to an interview, they can give off the wrong impression and might make you seem unprofessional and amateurish.

If you need a good jacket for your interview, consider Coat Corner’s range of gently worn high-quality jackets that are all cheaply priced and will last you for many seasons. Make sure that your jacket is freshly ironed, steamed, or pressed and has no visible stains or marks before leaving for your interview.

You can pair your interview jacket with some smart slacks, trousers, or a pencil skirt. Your jacket for your interview does not necessarily need to be the same colour as your pants or skirt, but it is better to ensure that it matches and compliments your bottom half.

Simply wearing a blazer or a jacket and a pair of trousers or a skirt can sometimes look dull or boring. While you don’t want to look too flashy, accessorising with some understated items can finish off your look beautifully.

We recommend wearing a lightweight silk scarf in a neutral colour, a pair of studs, and a delicate necklace to create a classy and professional look that fits in well with the corporate environment.

Don’t forget to wear a pair of smart shoes: pumps are ideal to wear to an interview but try and avoid stiletto heels as walking in them could make you look unprofessional.

Men’s jackets for interviews.

Most men choose to wear their favourite smart suit to an interview. If the weather is very hot, however, this can cause you to sweat, leaving odors and marks on your shirt, which should be avoided at all costs.

The Coat Corner has a great range of lightweight, smart summer jackets that will help you to feel cool, calm, and collected during your interview. You will be able to wear your jacket long after your interview so it is definitely a great investment.

These jackets can be worn with a matching pair of trousers or slacks and a collared shirt. A cotton shirt is best for the summer as the fabric will assist to reduce moisture from the skin and help you to feel cooler than synthetic fibres.

In terms of accessories, a tie can transform an otherwise smart-casual outfit into something more professional and suitable for an interview. Obviously, you should avoid wearing ties with graphics, loud patterns, or harsh colours.

An understated silk tie in a neutral colour that compliments your jacket will work very well and will create the impression you need to tell your potential employers that you are the ideal candidate for the job.

Finally, when it comes to shoes and socks, these do not go unnoticed by potential employers. Socks should match your trousers and have no visible holes, while shoes should be neat, clean, and freshly polished. This implies that you care about the finer details and that you aim for perfection.


Looking for work or a side hustle? Buy-a-bale. Make your own cash, and be ready for 2021!

There is no doubt that 2020 has been a very difficult year for so many. With job losses and reduced income, most South Africans are currently very concerned about their financial situation. If you find yourself in this situation and are interested in earning some extra cash, the good news is that The Overcoat Importer is offering you the opportunity to have your own full-time business or side hustle so that you can start 2021 on a positive note.


Here at The Overcoat Importer, as our name suggests, we import gently-used, European quality coats and jackets. Since we purchase in bulk and in massive quantities, we buy at a very low price and can then offer this saving to you, our valued customers. Each bale consists of premium quality coats and jackets that you can sell on to people in your local community, at an informal market stand, at work or anywhere you believe that people would like to buy from you. From as little as only R650 for a 25kg bale, you could buy your very first bale and start your own business! We have three shops located in Gauteng that are close to the main transport routes in those areas namely, Benoni, Kempton Park and Springs. In addition, we deliver bales throughout the country at reasonable rates or you are welcome to collect. Once you have invested in your first bale, you will need to price the individual items in the bale so that you can start selling. Be sure to price your coats and jackets low enough to sell fast, but high enough so that you can make a profit. Then you will be ready to buy your next bale. Don’t have enough money for your first bale? Why not go into business with a trusted friend or family member? You could then share the cost of the bale and, since there will be two of you, you will be able to sell the items faster and accelerate the growth of your business. With your own coat business, the sky really is the limit and you can grow your business to the scale that best suits you. This means that you can choose to have a coat business as a side hustle (in addition to your normal job) or you can go into it full-time and concentrate all your efforts on selling stylish and great quality coats and jackets. There is a huge selection that can be sold across all seasons from heavy winter coats to light weight summer jackets, raincoats and anoraks just to mention a few. Most people are currently looking for bargains when it comes to clothing so a coat business is a good option for a new venture as you know that it will be successful. Everyone in the family needs a warm coat and a jacket. One of the best parts of having a coat business is that you make your own rules and you can conduct your business exactly how you wish. Many of our coat and jacket sellers don’t even need to leave their homes as they invite friends, neighbours and family members to come and browse their collection and make sales in their own lounges. So, if you are ready to take your financial situation to the next level and take control of your money, visit us at Overcoats in Benoni or Coat Corner Kempton Park or Springs. Our team of dedicated and knowledgable sales men and ladies are available to assist and advise you. Visit our website for any additional information on the range of products available and prices and discover how you can have your own coat business!

Ladies and Men’s Summer Jackets

Now that summer is in full swing, you have probably been focused on your summer wardrobe and keeping cool in the heat. While it is important to dress appropriately for the long, hot days, did you know that a good quality summer jacket should always form part of your summer wardrobe? Here at Coat Corner, we stock a large selection of gently-used quality men’s and ladies summer jackets at excellent prices.

What is a summer jacket?

Although a jacket is not normally something you would buy first when building the foundation of your summer wardrobe, they have a very important place. A summer jacket, unlike warmer winter coats, is more lightweight and usually unpadded and unlined. It is also normally short in length and is easy to throw over your shoulders whenever needed. Good examples of a summer jacket include your classic denim jacket, a thin cotton jacket, or a raincoat. Summer jackets are excellent items to have as many of us are exposed to the fresh, early morning air and breezy evenings where an extra layer of clothing is needed. A thin, summer jacket is perfect for these situations as it takes the edge off the chill and does not make you feel too warm. Many of our customers enjoy wearing their summer jackets to complement their outfits. For instance, a summer jacket can dress up your office outfit beautifully, can be worn with pants if you are going to a formal event, or worn to a party with your favorite jeans and sneakers.

Summer jackets are ideal for the rainy season

Most of South Africa experiences summer rainfall and this means that people are often caught unawares during sudden afternoon rainstorms. When this happens, if you have a summer raincoat, you can carry on as normal without getting wet. Of course, you could always carry around an umbrella, but these tend to be bulky and many folks have a tendency to lose them or to leave them behind at work. A thin summer raincoat can easily be folded up in your bag and simply whipped out whenever needed, making it very convenient.

Looking for the perfect Christmas gift for that special someone? Consider a beautiful tweed jacket!

With Christmas fast approaching, you have no doubt started to think about what you will be gifting your friends and family members. Instead of battling to find the perfect gift and ending up giving them the same old gift anyway, why not buy them something special this year? Here at Coat Corner, we have a lovely collection of top-quality tweed coats for both ladies and men. These are incredibly popular at the moment and your loved one will be able to use their jacket for many years to come. With our very reasonable prices, you will be able to do all your Christmas shopping at Coat Corner! We have gorgeous jackets for the whole family, so why not take the stress out of your Christmas shopping and visit usat one of our stores?
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  • Coat Corner Kempton Park 79 Pretoria Road. Kempton Park CBD.
  • Coat Corner Springs 29 5th Avenue, Corner Palm Springs and The Avenues. Springs CBD.