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The Overcoat Importer Overview

Need a warm jacket or coat for winter? Or perhaps you’re interested in making a bit of cash? In this case, you could buy a bale from The Overcoat Importer and make some much-needed cash! Our coats are extremely popular and you will sell the contents of your bale in next to no time.   Here at The Overcoat Importer, we are South Africa’s leading importer of gently worn overcoats. Since we purchase our coats in bulk and at extremely good prices, we are able to then pass this discount on to you. Our valued customer.   This means that you can keep your entire family warm this winter. Stylish, comfortable and elegant coats at a fraction of the price you would usually pay! Plus, our barely-used coats come from Europe and are excellent quality. In fact, every coat undergoes a quality check so you do get amazing value for money. The bales are shipped to South Africa under strict hygiene controls with fumigation certificates issued as required by Port Health.   Are you interested in purchasing one of our bales for resale? Why not visit us at Overcoats Benoni or COAT CORNER Kempton Park or the COAT CORNER Springs store? We are conveniently situated in the CBD. We have parking available right in front of the store. We are also within walking distance from the train and taxi routes. ladies overcoats Our customers love browsing our stores and looking for fashionable coats (which are priced from only R40), as well as our clothing range which comes out every summer and which is also available for purchase in bulk.   Not able to visit us? Well, why not shop online, view our wholesale price list on our website and you can take advantage of our countrywide delivery service? We have pre-negotiated courier rates and you can shop from the convenience of your own home. Confirm your order by email or with an overcoats sales specialist, pay the invoice issued and collect or wait a few days to receive your delivery. www.overcoats.co.za   The Overcoat Importer has exactly what you need! Whether you need a coat for yourself, your partner, a friend or your children, we have thousands of coats on display. Making us South Africa’s biggest coat shop, in fact the World’s Biggest Coat Shop.   Our collection of coats range from warm winter coats, light jackets, three quarter and long overcoats. Army surplus coats, colorful anoraks, suede coats, military-style jackets, and parkas. We even stock pure wool and cashmere coats. Our stores offer a ‘Vintage Coat Collection’ section which stocks hand-picked, selected investment coats. mens overcoats We also have highly sought-after Labola coats, which are definitely a must-see. These are available throughout the year in addition to our all-weather coats, denim jackets, ladies office jackets, & more.   Our sales team is friendly and professional and is always ready to help you. We can help you organize a lay-by and set you up with our popular LOYALTY card. This card celebrates you, our loyal customer and rewards you with discounts. Get your loyalty card as soon as possible and record every purchase you make to get your reward. T’s&C’s apply.     For more information visit our website or contact our Sales Manager, William Magabane to place an order on 078 611 8568.    

Men’s Overcoat Bales For Sale

Winter is fast approaching, which means that people will soon be thinking about the warm clothing that they will need to combat the cold. Have a look at our men’s overcoat bales for sale.   Here at The Overcoat Importer, we have got you covered in more ways than one! If you are looking for a high-quality men’s coat or jacket, you have definitely come to the right place. Visit one of our shops Overcoats in Benoni, Coat Corner in Kempton Park or Coat Corner in Springs.   We are South Africa’s largest importer of gently used and excellent quality coats and jackets. Our stock comes directly from Europe and, before it reaches our racks, each item is carefully checked and quality controlled which includes fumigation when packing the bales and the containers for shipping as required by Port Health.   Since we purchase our stock in massive numbers, we are able to negotiate rock bottom prices and we are happy to pass this huge discount on to you, our valued customer.   There is a great need in South Africa for men’s winter coats during the colder months. Many men work as security guards, factory workers and in professions that keep them outdoors where the temperatures are very low. Many guys also have to walk long distances in the cold, early morning hours to catch taxis and trains. Sadly, until The Overcoat Importer AND COAT CORNERS came on the scene, warm coats were very pricey for the average South African man and only the lucky few could afford a decent quality winter jacket or coat.   We have stylish, warm and comfortable men’s coats for sale at prices from only R120! If you are interested in making some easy cash and making these coats available to your community, why not consider buying one of our overcoat bales and reselling them? men's overcoat Many of our customers have already been highly successful in buying and selling our bales of overcoats and these are now in high demand. They are the best quality available in South Africa today.   The good news is that anyone can buy and resell our bales of overcoats – whether you are in between jobs, you are a student or you simply want to supplement your income, now is the perfect time to snap one up for yourself and start earning your own cash.   The Overcoat Importer is based in BENONI and we also have COAT CORNER branches in Springs and Kempton Park CBD. You can browse our selection of coats and buy either by piece or purchase a bale of overcoats. These shops are all conveniently situated within walking distance to taxi routes and trains. We also offer plenty of parking if you are arriving in a car.   If you cannot visit us, don’t worry! We offer delivery of bales to your home anywhere in the country and our courier rates are very reasonable as well.   Our team of friendly and professional sales staff are always happy to help you with any questions you may have. They can also advise you on the various types of bales we have. In addition to the types of coats and jackets in our range.   The bales we offer are as follows:
  • 25 piece bale of mixed of coats – long and 3/4
  • 25 piece 3/4 coats
  • 100kg bale of mixed coats – half coats, ¾ and long
  • 40 piece bale of half coats
  • 300kg bale of assorted coats
  Our bales feature a variety of styles, colors and sizes so there will be something to suit everyone!   Contact us now for any more information or visit our website www.overcoats.co.za Place and order now sales@overcoats.co.za or contact one of our overcoats sales specialists.

Ladies Overcoat Bales For Sale

Winter is the time to dress warmly and protect yourself and your family from the cold weather – but are you prepared for it? You can have a look at our ladies overcoat bales for sale.   One of the very best ways to keep you and your family warm during the colder months is to have a warm winter coat. If you would like to keep warm when you travel to and from work in the mornings and evenings, a coat is the best way to do this.   If you think that owning a good quality coat or jacket is simply out of your price range, think again! The Overcoat Importer buys gently used, elegant and stylish coats directly from Europe and, because we buy in extremely large quantities, we can pass this massive saving on to you, our customers! Our coats are shipped to South Africa under strict hygiene controls with fumigation certificates as required by Port Health.   With COAT CORNER branches in Kempton Park and Springs, and Overcoats in Benoni, we are close to the main taxi routes and trains and we also offer plenty of parking if you are visiting us in a car.   We sell individual coats and jackets as well as bales of coats. When you buy a bale of ladies overcoats, you can sell the individual coats in the bale to folks at work and in your community and make some easy cash! Ladies  Overcoat Bales For Sale Remember that people will very soon be thinking about buying something warm for the winter so why not take advantage and get your bale as soon as possible? Not only will you be making some money for yourself, you will also be helping others as they will be able to buy inexpensive but good quality coats from you.   As South Africa’s largest importer of gently used coats, we have finally made owning a great quality, warm and stylish winter coat a reality for most South Africans!   Our range of ladies’ coats is extensive. They come in many different styles, colors, sizes, and lengths. This means that whatever you are looking for, you will definitely be able to find it in one of our stores or in our easy-to-use, online store. Furthermore, when you buy one of our highly sought-after bales, you will have a very nice mixture and variety of coats, making the selling process incredibly easy for you!   At Overcoats in Benoni and Coat Corner Kempton Park and Springs CBD we sell OVER four different types bales and they are as follows:  
  • 30 piece ladies overcoat mix long and XL
  • 40 piece ladies half coats
  • 100 kg mix of different overcoats half, ¾ and long
  • 300 kg mix of either half or long coats
  • 10 piece special mix
  • per kg sales
  • pick and choose
  As you can see, we make it easy for you to sell on the coats in our bales. If you would like to find out more about buying one of our bales, why not visit us in one of our three stores and someone from our team will gladly assist you in finding the perfect bale for you! Alternatively, if you can’t get to our physical store or if you do not live in the Johannesburg area, no problem – we deliver anywhere in the country. All you need to do is place an order with one of our overcoat sales specialist or email sales@overcoats.co.za   Our wholesale price list is available on our website www.overcoats.co.za

Kids Anoraks For Sale

Since they still have developing immune systems and because they are sensitive to cold temperatures, it is very important to ensure that your children are dressed warmly for winter. Take a look at our kids anoraks for sale.   When it gets very cold in winter, it can be difficult to keep your children warm. However, if they have a warm anorak, you can have the peace of mind that they are protected from the cold wind and icy temperatures.   An anorak offers your child all the warmth that they need while still allowing them to be able to move around freely while playing and going about their everyday lives. Lightweight yet effective against the cold, if your child has an anorak, they will enjoy this coming winter that much more!   Here at The Overcoat Importer, we import large quantities of gently used coats, jackets, and anoraks from Europe. Because of the vast number of overcoats we import, we benefit from very low prices which we then pass on to you, our valued customers. This means that you can pick up excellent quality and stylish kids anorak for as little as R40! If you need to get your children set up for this winter, why not visit The Overcoat Importer at one of our popular stores? We are located on the East Rand at Overcoats Benoni, COAT CORNER Springs and COAT CORNER Kempton Park and are very close to major taxi routes and trains. In addition, we also have plenty of parking, if you come by car.   Can’t come into one of our stores? No problem- you could always shop online where we have our wholesale price list available on www.overcoats.co.za you can email your order to sales@overcoats.co.za or speak to one of our overcoats sales specialists who will gladly assist you with your order, and have your purchases delivered directly to your home at a great rate!   Our range of kids anoraks is extensive and we have anoraks for children in all sizes, every color you can imagine and trendy styles to suit every child. We also have padded, lightweight and heavy anoraks, depending on your needs.   All our branches are staffed with members of our friendly and professional team who would be very happy to help you find an anorak for your child. We also offer lay-by options if money is tight: simply speak to a member of The Overcoat Importer team and they will tell you more.   So, what kind of anorak will you be dressing your children in this winter? Let us know!     At Overcoats Benoni, Coat Corner Kempton Park and Coat Corner Springs not only do we offer wonderfully priced jackets and clothing, but we also give you the option of buying from us in bulk, in the form of bales. You can, therefore, buy a very well-priced bale of kids anoraks from us and then sell them on to folks in your local community or other people in order to make some extra cash for yourself! With kids anoraks always being in high demand during the colder months, you will sell everything in your bale in no time!   Interested in buying one of our kids’ anorak bales?  Well, we offer you the following options AND we deliver countrywide:  
  • 60 piece kids anorak bale
  • 100 kg kids anorak bale
  • 60 piece kids heavy anorak bale
  • 300 kg kids anorak bales
  • We also sell per kg
    Contact one of our overcoats sales specialist now if you are interested or would like to place an order email sales@overcoats.co.za For any further information visit our website www.overcoats.co.za

Adult Anoraks For Sale

Do you like to look good and manage to keep warm during the cold, winter months? If so, why not take a look at our range of colorful, warm adult anoraks for sale that will not only look great but will also keep the winter chills at bay!   Here at The Overcoat Importer, we specialise in fashionable winter coats and jackets. Since we import our gently used coats directly from Europe and since we buy them in very large quantities, we are able to sell them to you at rock bottom prices! In fact, you can pick up a high-quality winter coat from us from only R80! Our shops have a huge selection to choose from so visit us at Overcoats in Benoni, Coat Corner Kempton Park or Coat Corner Springs.   Anoraks are extremely popular during the winter months. Anoraks can be waterproof and windproof to protect you from the elements and also often have a hood that can keep your head warm when you are feeling extra chilly. Our anoraks have openings on the front and often have drawstrings at the bottom, allowing you to tighten the jacket at your waist for added warmth. They are very comfortable and keep you toasty warm while still allowing you to continue with your everyday tasks.   Anoraks are ideal for when you need some extra warmth while walking to and from your taxi in the early morning hours or during the evenings when it can be very cold. Since they are not as bulky as longer overcoats, you can store them away easily during the day when it warms up a little.   Many people enjoy wearing anoraks as they are colorful, warm as well as fun. For example, you can accessorise your anorak with matching gloves, scarf or hat for a stylish yet winter look.   The Overcoat Importer sells an extensive range of anoraks for adults in every color imaginable. We also have many different sizes and styles so you will definitely find an anorak to suit your individual needs and style.   Are you looking for an anorak? If so, why not visit us at one of our three stores in either COAT CORNER Kempton Park, COAT CORNER Springs or Overcoats Benoni? Our team would be very happy to help you pick out an anorak for yourself, a friend or someone in your family.   The Overcoat Importer also sells bales of adult anoraks at great prices. This means that you could purchase a bale and then sell the individual anoraks onto people in your community and friends. It is a great way of making some extra cash for yourself and you will be helping those around you by letting them take advantage of low prices! Buy a Bale. Make your own Cash. We deliver bales countrywide at excellent rates.   The adult anorak bales we sell are as follows:
  • 60 piece bale of adult padded anoraks
  • 20 kg bale of adult padded anoraks
  • 45 kg bale of adult padded anoraks
  • 100 kg bale of adult padded anoraks
  • 300 kg bale of adult padded anoraks
  • plus many pick and choose options in-store
  Contact one of our overcoats sales specialist now if you are interested or would like to place an order email sales@overcoats.co.za For any further information visit our website www.overcoats.co.za

The Overcoat Importer Safety Measures for COVID-19

Dear Overcoats customers,   The Overcoat Importer is doing everything possible to assist in combatting the spread of the CORONAVIRUS and we are taking this unexpected threat to our businesses, staff, family members and our customers very seriously. We are following the guidelines provided by the World Health Organization and the South African Government and are acting on their advise and recommendations that have been outlined at this current point in time.   Our bales are imported from reputable companies in Europe who follow the strict handling of secondhand goods laws of the country. Goods are thoroughly fumigated at sorting and packing and again on loading containers. This is all done in accordance with strict International health standards where fumigation certification is a necessity for all goods in transit. The goods are then checked and verified on entering South Africa after undergoing strict inspection each container is then released for delivery to our warehousing facilities.   The Overcoat Importer is confident in the process and believes the route to market of our bales is as safe and secure as possible. The health and safety of all our staff, family members and customers are of paramount importance.   The plan of action implemented by our dedicated management team for now is as follows;  
  • To cease all international business travel and all personal travel of staff has been discouraged.
  • Overcoats Benoni, Coat Corner Kempton Park and Coat Corner Springs, our warehousing facilities and operational offices have implemented additional and continuous cleaning and sanitizing of all work surfaces, workstations, canteens and ablution facilities.
  • All our staff have been informed with factual information about COVID-19 and hand washing and hand sanitizing is encouraged and reminded through informative posters and stickers.
  • Social distancing has been advised however, we will still be offering the best customer service under the circumstances.
  • Aramex is our national delivery partner for bales ordered and they have activated crises management teams across the country to ensure implementation of their awareness campaigns and training of staff is carried out efficiently to reduce the spread of COVID-19.
  • Aramex is committed to ensuring our bales are delivered promptly and safely with zero-compromise on your well-being to your doorstep around the country.
  Although we remain uncertain of what the future holds, we all need to keep calm, take responsibility for our own actions, our families and our communities and seek opportunity in difficult times. The Overcoat Importer is here to support you and help you grow your business with efficient delivery to your doorstep of your bale orders. The colder months are fast approaching and we need to be prepared to serve our communities with an affordable option for a warm jacket or coat.   Please contact our Sales Manager, William Magabane directly on 078 611 8568 or our head office on 011 845 4769 for any bale enquiries or delivery information. William and his sales team are available to assist you 6am to 6pm.   You are also welcome to make use of our email address to place orders for delivery or collection sales@overcoats.co.za.   Or general enquiries on WhatsApp number 078 769 3810.   Stay safe. Stay healthy. Together we will overcome this difficult period and grow our businesses.   Brian Hurley CEO The Overcoat Importer   KEY CONTACTS Overcoats Benoni – 79 Princes Avenue, Benoni CBD  011 845 4769 Operations Manager – Eugene Roberts 082 730 9005 Overcoats National Sales Manager – William Magabane  078 611 8568 All customers from Botswana can contact William for orders or stock enquiries. Store Manager – Mabel Lesefi 064 197 1853   Western Cape, Eastern Cape, Northern Cape Province Overcoats Sales Specialist – Kaizer  Morena  073 101 4350   North West and Free State Province Overcoats Sales Specialist – Sydney Selahle 072 885 1999   Limpopo Province and Zimbabwe Overcoats Sales Specialist – Tshepo Magakwe 083 949 6587   Kza Zulu Natal Province Overcoats Sales Specialist – Abie Khanyile 073 259 0695   Namibia and Lesotho Overcoats Sales Specialist – Nkululeko Ndlanmlenza 078 506 9726   Mpumalanga Province Overcoats Sales Specialist – Calvin Chauke 062 640 5566   Coat Corner Kempton Park – 79 Pretoria Road, Kempton Park CBD Store Manager and Overcoats Sales Specialist – Lawrence Magabane 065 230 1991   Coat Corner Springs – 29 5th Avenue, Springs CBD Store Manager and Overcoats Sales Specialist – Maryna Titus 084 240 2009